About Accidental Fudge

Welcome to Accidental Fudge, a blog chronicling a 30-something transmasculine human’s adventures in life, hopefully with plenty of humor along the way.


Alyxander James Hanson is a writer, knitter, thinker, musician, and lover of all things dapper. Born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, Alyx and their husband recently moved back to St. Paul, MN after a 9 year adventure in Chicago, IL. Their life is very queer, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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One thought on “About Accidental Fudge

  1. Sounds like your trip was great! Even if not exactly what you were planning or expected.
    The whole networking thing is just not designed by and for introverts and those of us who are shy and anxious. The most success I’ve ever had at them is to a) look at it as an acting gig— they don’t know I’m a shy anxious introvert ! and b) find a buddy to traverse the scene with, someone with slightly different needs/skills so we can promote each other not be in competition. Helps a lot if the buddy is an extrovert. 😉


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