What a Time

Hello, lovely readers! I’m a little over halfway through my first week at the new job, and things are going well, at least on that front. I like my coworkers a lot, I’m learning, the commute is easy, and the office is great.

It’s also possible that my second week will be working from home, because, well, COVID-19.

I’m okay, but we’re getting at least one email a day from leadership updating us as to the company’s policy. Thankfully, working from home is possible for me (although it’ll be weird to do all my onboarding and training remotely). I have a pretty good chance of job security.

My partner works at a museum. We don’t know if they’ll end up closing. We don’t think there’s much chance that he’d lose his job if they closed for a while, but who knows what the pay situation would be. It’s scary to think about, but ultimately, all we can really do is take it one day at a time.

Despite the global pandemic, there have been some bright spots for me personally this week, so let’s end on a high note:

  • I left my job of 6.5 years on a high note, and got a lot of sweet well-wishes from colleagues.
  • I started my new job and seem to fit in well here!
  • Wednesday night we got to see some of our favorite musician friends, Heather Mae and Crys Matthews, play a show. (Support your favorite independent musicians, folks – it’s a rough time out there with shows getting canceled due to COVID-19 concerns.) It was so great to see them – I am consistently blown away by the talented, fabulous people I’m so fortunate to know.


Friends, it’s been a week. And while I try to largely focus on the silver lining on this blog, I need to be honest with you – this week, there are several things I’m feeling scared about.

The obvious one, on a US-national politics scale, is that it’s looking likely that Brett Kavanaugh (who’s been accused by multiple women of sexual assault and who is clearly temperamentally unfit for the job) will be confirmed as a Supreme Court justice. It’s horrifying. (John Oliver’s take on all this is on point and wonderful. Long, but worth the watch.)

In local-to-me news, two men in my neighborhood were shot in the head with the same weapon over the last few days. One was an older gay man walking his dog around 10am, and the other was an orthodox Jewish man walking near the lake late in the evening. Yes, I live in Chicago, but this feels different from past instances of gun violence in our neighborhood, which have historically been either gang-related or connected to muggings. There’s no telling at this point if these homicides were specific hate crimes or the result of a more generally misanthropic hate, but I admit I’m worried about how gay I might look walking down the street.

The world is often a terrifying place these days. I’m trying to look for bright spots to push back the dark. So here are some happy things that happened this week:

  • We went with friends to see Cameron Esposito on Friday. It was exactly what we all needed.
  • A couple we’re friends with had their baby on Saturday, which has inspired me to knit some baby things. They knit up so quickly!
  • I went to the dentist. This is generally not a happy statement, but it was the first time I’d been since moving to Chicago six years ago. No cavities in these teeth!

I’d love to hear how you’re pushing back the darkness this week, friends. (Or if you’re not, I’d love to know what I can do to sit with you in the dark a while.) Hang in there.