Thanks in a Five-Item List

It’s been a bit of a nutty week getting back in the saddle after being so miserably sick for so much of last week, so I’m afraid I was remiss in my blog-planning for today. But I want to give you something, so here are five things I am particularly thankful for as I reflect back on this past week:

  1. (Relative) Health. I’m still dealing with some residual sniffles (although at this point in the shift of seasons that might be a sign that I still have some allergies), but thanks to the antibiotics acquired in last week’s clinic adventure, I feel better now than I have in months.
  2. Spring. I realize it’s only the second week of April and that, this being the Midwest, we could have snow again at any point in the next month or so, but damnit, I’m going to believe that Spring is really here. I usually don’t mind winter so much, but this last one was rough, between not enough sunlight and the whole being sick for a large portion of it thing.
  3. My Boss. Things have been hectic at work, and, people being people, the human element involved has been immensely frustrating. I am seriously lucky to have the most laid-back, supportive boss (who, it turns out, is annoyed by the same situations and people that annoy me).
  4. Friends and Chosen Family. Last weekend, my partner and I went to YarnCon here in Chicago (because we are knitters, and nerds, and why wouldn’t we go to YarnCon?) and then met up with knitting friends. This weekend, there’s a party celebrating the happiness of a friend who’s finally getting to live fully as herself, and then there’s our monthly Pathfinder game, complete with more knitting. All of these things involve our wonderful fiber-enthusiast friends, who have truly become our family here in Chicago. Since I’m the new kid in this group (my partner knew them all first, and I wouldn’t have met them without hir), I’m especially grateful for this community that has always been unquestioningly welcoming and wonderful.
  5. My Partner. The last week has involved some hard conversations (don’t worry, friends: we’re fine), and I am super proud of us for being able to communicate openly and honestly with each other and to work through the hard things together. It’s pretty incredible to have someone in my life I am so comfortable with.

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