A Five-Item List of Smiles

I’m in the middle of last-minute packing for a weekend trip as I write this, so I’ll keep it short and sweet this week.

  1. I can breathe again. I was pretty sure last week that I was coming down with bronchitis. While I still feel slightly under the weather, I’m not gasping for air all the time, so this is an improvement.
  2. Smiles from my nephew. My sister-in-law is really great about sending me pictures and videos of my nephew every week. The kid is adorable, and never fails to make me smile.
  3. Coffee. Sometimes, it’s the little things. This week, it’s been coffee consumed in greater quantities than I’ve been used to lately.
  4. Knitting. I go in spurts with my interest in knitting. I will be very dedicated and enthused about my projects for a while, and then I’ll get sidetracked by something else. I’m back on the bandwagon at the moment, so I’m super excited to work on this awesome purple and grey shawl I started in October and haven’t really touched since January.
  5. Vacation. The frantic last-minute packing that’s happening right now is for a trip to Maine for a family reunion with my partner’s mom’s family. Since it’s been a stressful and depressed last few weeks, vacation sounds particularly wonderful right now. Also, I’ve never been to Maine. Hooray!

One thought on “A Five-Item List of Smiles

  1. Maine is one of those places that take you out of your head because of their sheer beauty. Alaska was like that for me too. Hope you love Maine as much as I do.


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