Sweater Weather

It’s finally sweater weather.

I’m not fond of the nigh-constant cloudiness at this time of year in the Midwest. But I love the chill in the air, because it’s an excuse to wear all the coziest things that I (who am a furnace, and, unless I’m sick, am pretty much never cold) don’t otherwise get to pull out of the closet very often.

My knitting lately has reflected the change in the weather. Last week, I finished my nephew’s Christmas sweater:


and a sweater for myself:


And then, despite the fact that I have at least a dozen projects in varying states of completion around the house and already have plans to start a baby blanket for the nephew’s birthday in March, I decided I needed to start another sweater. Out of some particularly gorgeous sock yarn that I inherited from our friend Audrey.

It’s going to take forever, because it’s working up at a super fine gauge and I have a short attention span for my knitting at the best of times. But for now, I’m excited about it.

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