Tuesday was officially the first day of spring.

In Chicago, we had just-above-freezing temps and some pretty brutal wind to ring in the new season. A lot of places in the US got a significant amount of snow.

The weather may not feel very spring-like here yet, but I am trying to tune into the change of season on a mental level. I want to appreciate the lengthening hours of daylight, and celebrate the chance for new beginnings. I want to clear out some mental clutter I’ve been hoarding. I want to keep getting better at keeping my apartment relatively tidy.

I’ve been in a quiet, introspective place for a while, which has sometimes made it hard to blog. There’s a lot going on beneath the surface, but not a lot I’m ready to articulate.

I’m starting to feel, though, like as spring emerges, I am also entering a time of emergence. Ideas are getting closer to the surface, closer to being ready to bring into the light of reality. As overwhelmed as I can be by new endeavors, I think I’m mostly looking forward to letting the energy of spring sweep me along for a while.

I still don’t have much to articulate quite yet, but I think it’s coming. Meanwhile, I’ll lean into the feeling that new life is emerging around me.

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