Fall Feelings

I think, just maybe, fall has really fallen for real in Chicago. We had one 90-degree day last week, but I think that was really the last one. I hope it was. I’m enjoying the chance to wear the things I’ve knit without also needing to bundle up so much I can hardly move.

I’m wrestling with seasonal allergies that might also be a cold, but aside from being annoyed by how sniffly I am, it’s not detracting from my enjoyment of the weather. It’s been chilly and sunny most of the week, which is my favorite combination.

I’m currently on track to make it through my first full five-day work week in over a month (thanks to all the Jewish holidays in September and staying home one day last week). It hasn’t been the easiest adjustment. My officemate is out of town, though, so I have the office to myself, which I think is helping. Not that my officemate isn’t lovely, but she is an extrovert and I am not. I’ve managed to get a handful of smaller projects done and a couple of bigger projects started. So that’s something.

I get restless in the fall, I think. I want to try new things before going into hibernation for the winter. I’m holding space for some big feelings about where I am and where I want to be and where those things aren’t lining up.

What about you, dear reader? Is the arrival of fall bringing up big feelings for you like it is for me? I’d love to hear all about it!

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