It’s been a bit of a whirlwind week.

Friday night after work we made our way to the airport, where we caught a flight (complete with hilariously punchy flight crew – well done, Southwest) to Minnesota to celebrate my partner’s mom’s retirement.

Saturday was the party, and we also ended up seeing a friend for a bit that evening. Both were fun!

Sunday morning we got breakfast with my bestie, who I’m pretty sure we hadn’t seen since Christmas, so that was delightful. That afternoon we got lunch with my parents, which also went well.

Monday morning we stopped at a favorite coffee shop for coffee and pastries before heading to the airport to fly home. That flight was less fun – the crew was still great, but there was a fair bit of turbulence on either end of the trip.

Tuesday I worked from home, because I needed some space to recover from our trip. Yesterday I had to rent a car to drive out to Lisle, IL for a day-long meeting. And this morning, I returned the car and am now on my way to work.

The rest of the week also looks pretty busy. Tonight I’m volunteering at the Old Town School. Tomorrow after work and all day Saturday we’re planning to do some major sorting and purging of stuff in anticipation of our move in August. Sunday we have separate plans for social things in the morning/afternoon, and then we’re seeing a show together that evening.

All good things, but it does feel like a lot right now.

What do you have going on this week, readers? I’d love to hear from you!

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