Progress, Slow and Steady

We’re officially done with our old apartment! It took more time to get everything out than we expected it to. We wound up walking out the door for the last time exactly at noon on the 31st, which was exactly when our lease was up.

While the reality of this is still sinking in, it is great that now we can actually focus on settling into our new place. We’ve gotten ourselves together enough that we’ve been able to do some cooking, which always makes a place feel more like home. We’re still getting our stuff organized and figuring out where everything belongs, but we’re making steady progress.

I’m loving our new neighborhood. There are so many lovely trees, and it’s pretty quiet, which is nice. I have to walk a little farther to the bus in the morning, but that’s not awful. Being walking distance from the Old Town School of Folk Music is lovely – my class on Tuesday ended around 9:30, and I was home before 9:45! (In the past, it took 45 minutes to an hour to get home on transit, which made for very late nights.) Tonight, my partner and I are both volunteering at OTSFM – we’re looking forward to having the option of doing that more often!

Life feels pretty okay right now. I just want to nest in our new apartment and make it fully home. It feels like there are a lot of other things happening right now, but nothing I’m ready to talk about yet (some of which I don’t really have words for yet). I’m looking forward to a fall of writing and introspection and creating the space that I need to thrive.

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