Is It Friday Yet?

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to Thursday. Every day since Monday I’ve had a thought along the lines of “Ah, yes, Friday!” and then realized it was not, in fact, Friday. It’s still not Friday. It is Thursday. But that means it’s almost Friday, which is more than I could say on Monday when I got confused about what day it was.

Aside from my utter inability to remember what day it is, it’s been a pretty unremarkable week. Work has been frustrating at times, but I’ve felt reasonably productive and like I’m doing a better job of staying on top of the various pieces of my role lately, so that’s encouraging, at least. This week marks the first week of the semester for me, and the asynchronous class I’m taking has started (my other class doesn’t start until February). I’m really rather excited about this class (even though there have been some technical difficulties at the outset with getting information out to students) – it’s a Comparative Religious Ethics class, and while there’s going to be a fair bit of reading for this one, the titles of all of the readings sound really interesting. Thankfully, there are no big papers or anything due the week of and the week after my surgery in March, so I’m hoping I can work ahead a little bit and not fall behind when that happens. I did already email the professor to let him know I might be a bit less active on the online forum those weeks.

I don’t have a whole heck of a lot else to report this week. I shall leave you with some Nova naps from the past week:

3 thoughts on “Is It Friday Yet?

  1. Hey Alyx! Happy New Year! It’s been a long time. So great to follow your adventures. I write to say “hi!” and for a second purpose.

    New-ish Website I spent the fall re-envisioning/re-building my website. It also has a new url. I’m at these days. Maybe you’ve been on there before, but just in case, the full title of the site is Getting to Know Trees: Creative Explorations with Jason McInnes (GTKT). I’m hoping that it can be a place where I can share my art and music and write about my creative process and living life AND the art, music, writings, thoughts of my friends who are ALL so creative.

    Offerings It’s basically a blog, but I’m calling the posts “Offerings”; hoping to develop an ethos of sharing outside of the social media sharing world, which I find very limited. A few recent offerings are * a music piece composed by one of my students * a photo essay of my experience at the Celebrating Tradition music retreat. * a music lesson from me * a poem/essay from my friend Kevin Burrows (who you may know from OTS).

    Over the next month I’ll be interviewing Jonas Friddle about his new album and Maria McCullough is sharing a poem and video.

    Invitation Ok, I tell you all of that because I’d like to invite YOU to share something. It could be something new that you make specifically for GTKT or something like an already published. So potential ideas are * an already published post from your blog * a new essay on any topic (any length) * a song (new or already published somewhere) * sharing a songwriting tip (This would be awesome!) * a book recommendation, maybe based on something you read during your recent studies.

    Time Frame No need to get back to me right way. There’s no deadlines on any of this. And if you were up for it, you could say something like, “Check back in with me at the end of March,” or whenever.

    Ok! I hope it sounds like a good idea. I’d love to have your literal or figurative voice be part of it.

    Best to Ethan and Nova! Jason


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