Hello, dear readers, and welcome to Thursday! It has been a wild week. Work has just been busy, and I’m wrapping up my last spring semester class tonight, and my summer classes start next week.

If that all wasn’t enough, we’ve decided it may be time for us to become a two-dog household! On Saturday we’re meeting a potential sister for Nova. We’re very excited and also a little bit nervous, but I think it will ultimately be good – I don’t think Nova’s ever met another dog she didn’t want to be friends with. When we boarded her last summer, the feedback on her report card from group playtime was that she was “the life of the party,” and that she even won over the grumpy dog who didn’t initially want to play. I’m sure there will be some challenges, but overall we’re optimistic that this will go well, that Nova will learn to share the spotlight, and that she’ll ultimately enjoy having another dog to play with, so she’s not totally dependent on her humans for entertainment.

I think I’m going to leave it there for this week – I need to get my ducks in a row at work here before I start a morning full of meetings. I’ll leave you, as always, with some Nova photos:

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