A Short List

It’s going to be a short one this week, but here’s a tiny list of highlights from the past week:

  1. Friend visits! We had the most delightfully low-maintenance house guests over the weekend. Fun was (I hope) had by all…I certainly enjoyed it.
  2. Ghostbusters! If you haven’t been to see the new Ghostbusters movie yet, DO IT. It’s funny, and the casting is outstanding, and it makes me really angry that this thoroughly enjoyable movie with strong female protagonists who kick ass without being objectified isn’t getting the attention it deserves. We went over the weekend with our house guests and intend to go at least once more with local friends. (Confession: I thought the original Ghostbusters was okay the one time I saw it. I liked this better. Maybe I tend to find bad ass women more compelling than dudes as protagonists. If you also find yourself in this camp, you will probably enjoy this movie.) I am convinced that a lot of the cis dudes who are bitching about the movie either 1) haven’t seen it and are just being toolbags, or 2) have seen it, but a) see too much of themselves in the villain, or b) are failing to see themselves in the villain when maybe they should be. Also Chris Helmsworth is really good at playing a complete airhead. Who knew?
  3. Music! The song I wrote for class this week earned me a glitter unicorn sticker (the highest honor), and I’m pretty pleased with it. I’ve been struggling a bit this session to get things rolling, but this one came pretty easily once it started, and that always feels really good. I’ll get a recording up at some point once I’ve practiced a bit more.

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