Low Key

It’s been a pretty laid-back week. I feel like I don’t have a lot to talk about. But here’s a quick list of a few things I’m grateful for or excited about right now:

  1. Knitting. I am a few hours of work away from being done with the sweater I’ve been working on. I’m hoping to have it done by the end of the weekend. It’s going to be gorgeous.
  2. Good food. My partner and I didn’t do a traditional Thanksgiving feast last week, but that’s not to say we didn’t cook! I think we counted eleven different dishes between Thursday and Sunday. Highlights that we’ve been enjoying all week: slow cooker carnitas, kharcho (a Georgian beef and rice stew), and about three gallons of borsch. We also had steaks cooked in our cast iron skillet one night to celebrate our anniversary, with a couple of hot dish sides. We’ve been eating well, for sure!
  3. Music. I’ve been reminded many times recently how much I love my Old Town School of Folk Music community. Also, my partner and I are both playing sets at an acoustic show on Monday, and I’m very excited for that.
  4. Nerdy friends. Earlier this week some friends and I resumed a DnD game we’d had to put on hold a couple months ago. It’s been so fun to dive back into the world we’re creating together!
  5. Snow. It may be a pain in the ass sometimes, but it sure is pretty.

That’s it for this week. I’d love to hear from you! What are some things you’re excited about right now?

One thought on “Low Key

  1. Family: I am thankful that Kari was able to come up and spend some time with us to celebrate Thanksgiving. What a joy to converse with her and learn from her. At Christmas she should be back and Krista and family will also be here.

    Love: I am thankful for those who love me and for the opportunity to love others. Of course, I am not talking about emotion here. I am talking about long-term, down-in-the-dirt love. I am privileged to have many who have shown me genuine, self-sacrificing love in my journey.

    Suffering: I know this sounds a bit strange. However, some of the journey we have been through with Su’s physical and mental health is making me who I am. I wish is wasn’t true, but I am still thankful for it.

    Creation: I have enjoyed taking our puppy, Porsche, into the woods near our house. As much as I dislike winter, there is something about the silence, the stars and, even, the cold which clears my head.

    Good books: I have had the great privilege of exploring many wonderful books with profound and applicable ideas in this year. I am thankful for those who have studied, struggled and written who share with me.

    My own inadequacies: There is much about life that I still don’t understand. However, lack of understanding and abilities causes me to trust and that is a great joy for me. My lack of understanding also pushes me to continue learning. At my age, that is something for which I can be VERY thankful.


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