Finding Time to Rest

Friends, apologies for another late post – I stayed home sick today in an attempt to recover from the cold that’s plagued me for the past week before I go to visit my grandmother for her birthday on Saturday, which meant I slept in rather than writing a post on time. I’m feeling a bit better after the extra sleep and a shower, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign.

Part of why I called off from work and took a sick day was also due to the fact that this is just a bit of a bonkers week. My bestie from Minnesota was in town over the weekend, which was delightful. She left Monday afternoon; Monday evening I had therapy and my partner and I both played sets at an acoustic show. Tuesday I had the day off, but somehow it went by very quickly…that evening, we got dinner with our friend Emily Ann Peterson who was in town for a show, and then I had songwriting class. Yesterday I went to work (despite the fact that I felt pretty crummy when I woke up), and then in the evening we went to Emily Ann’s show, which was super fun. Tonight, I’m volunteering at the Old Town School, and tomorrow after work I’m picking up a rental car, picking up my partner, and driving to western Wisconsin. Saturday morning, we’re getting up early and going to eastern Iowa to have birthday brunch with Grandma, and then we’re driving back to Chicago for another show (our friends Heather Mae and Crys Matthews). Sunday I’m returning the rental car, playing Monsterhearts 2 with some friends, and possibly (if the game ends at a reasonable time) going to my songwriting class showcase. So yeah. Busy week.

So while I didn’t really want to use my sick time, I am taking today off, because if I keep going at the breakneck speed I feel like I have been, I’m going to end up with more than a cold. I’m going to try to get some laundry done while I’m home today, but beyond that, I’m trying to rest.

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