National Puppy Day

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to Thursday – I, for one, have been confused about the day of the week all week long, so hopefully this announcement that it is, in fact, Thursday, can help ground us a little bit.

I don’t have whole lot to talk about this week. I’m still waiting on the CPAP machine. I managed to get a little ahead on homework last week, which was nice, except that by Monday I was certain I was forgetting something, even though I checked everything at least five times and knew that I couldn’t have missed anything. I’m getting signed up for summer classes and planning some work travel for the period in between trimesters. Lots of little things happening but nothing that’s terribly interesting to anyone but me, probably.

However, yesterday was apparently National Puppy Day! I am sad that we don’t have any baby photos of Nova, but I’m happy to provide a selection of highlights here from National Puppy Day (I also got a new phone yesterday, so I was having a lot of fun taking pictures):

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